Dogbane Beetle

Hi there! My name is Xalli (among others). It's nice to meet you. This is my little home on the internet, full of the art that I do, thoughts of mine, ramblings on the things that I love, and much more. I hope this isn't a window into my life, but an invitation to sit next to me.

I try to keep things relatively bare bones here. I know some pages can feel a little empty at times, but I hope you can imagine yourself in my room's comfy chair and relax into its simplicity. I hope you stay a while. Come back any time-- make yourself at home.

There's lots more on my sitemap, but here are a few cool pages to get you started: Pages | Photo Diary | Zines | Writing [Publications]

If you'd like to return to the landing page, you can find it here. Feel free to leave a note on my guestbook or my Neocities profile!

Currently reading: 100 Years of Solitude [Gabriel García Márquez] & There's Always This Year [Hanif Abdurraqib]
Last read: Salt Houses [Hala Alyan] -- read my review here!
Currently listening to: Monster [L7]
Currently focused on: Wrapping my head around big feelings

And here's a little status update on how I'm doing, via Status Cafe!