Dogbane Beetle
A warmly lit photo of a brown person with short hair-- down to their chin and curly on one side, and cut short on the other side. He is wearing a spiderman shirt, skeleton earrings, and a colorful beaded necklace, and his hand is pressed against one side of his face.
Are these the salad days?
Amidst constant rushing change?
Should I wait for calm,
or will it be in the eye of a storm?
I smooth out my shirt,
straighten my necklace, an’d
text him a selfie of the torso,
a phrase like the title of a painting.

He is my best friend.
They are my best friend.
She is my best friend.
I will have many,
at once and over time,
all in my mosaic (or) collage.

It is plastered on the walls of the gut of a fish.

Thank you to my girlfriend, Ada, for the lovely portrait of me.

Writing and storytelling have been an incredibly important part of my life for as long as I've been alive, even if I didn't know it until much later. I remeber being in Montessori and making a picture book with a friend, and doing the same thing again on my own in the second grade. I remembered how I put as much effort as I possibly could into my little short stories for classes, too, and how I played pretend the most elaborate scenarios through all of elementary school (as most little girls did, to be fair). In the second grade, we voted for each other to get little awards, and when I got 'Wonderful Writer', I could only feel disheartened that it wasn't the Animal Lover title I was looking for. I knew I loved to read (a lot), but I didn't know the place writing had in my life yet. It feels simple looking back. I still have that award certificate now, and I look back at it sometimes.

In the fourth grade, I entered my first writing competition, sponsored by my school district. My mom showed me the flyer and told me I should try, and I sat down and wrote a story about a girl who made it to the US via DACA and her experience learning English. It wasn't very good, and I forgot about it soon after I submitted it. Half a year later, I won something. To be honest with you, I don't remember what-- first in the district or second regionally or something like that, I think-- but that's not what matters to me. It peaked my interest in writing, and changed my course in life a lot.

Now, I attend an arts high school for creative writing. My reasons for writing have changed, too, though I still love it simply like I did before. It's community and resistance to me, mainly, but it's also reclaiming the story telling and the stories themselves that I know are in my blood-- those that were stolen from my ancestors slowly and painfully and all at once. It's unraveling the story of my body, and my communities, and how we need each other, and how we must take back what is ours. Writing is how I shape my world.

To be honest, Disability makes it hard to write as often as I'd like, but it adds a lot to my work when I do get to write, too. If you want to see some of my less polished work, you can check out my page for Muse Ariadne [which is a writing club I started here on Neocities] or even my blog-like entries on pages. Aside from that, my publications are obviously quite slim for now, but I'm constantly submitting and working on new projects when I can, so hopefully this list will just continue to grow! Here are a couple of my current publications. If the piece[s] aren't readily available where they're been published, I've linked them separately.


Sugar Pine Literary - locked, falling: for generations / Anesthetized / Parasitic. May 2024. Read here.

Collections of Transience: A Poetry Chapbook - the well of my throat / When White Clover Coos & Croons. May 2024. Read here.

Collections of Transience - Published around once monthly with them. Current publications this year include:

A Gift, Once Given, Must Not Be Spurned: The VERVE Anthology of Eco-Poetry - Sickness in a Cool, Coastal Wood. February 2024. Read here.


Sugar Pine Literary - Super Jugo Dinámico / Ranch Dogs / the rude disappearance of a home. March 2023. Read here.

LBRNTH Magazine: Vol 3 - ode to skin on skin / Honeyed Irises. May 2023. Read here.

SHIVER PINE: a horror zine - A Clear Sunday Morning / Body Parts. October 2023.

Collections of Transience - Published around once monthly with them. Publications in 2023 include:

NPB Youth Conservation Corps Hill to Harbor Blog - Week 4: Black Heritage Trail Blog. August 2023. Read here.


Sugar Pine Literary - Ne’er a Lion / ‘Cross. March 2022. Read here.