Dogbane Beetle

I do photography across a lot of different devices, though largely through my iPhone and my Canon Rebel T6. I'm still exploring my style and even lots of the basics of photography, but I'm excited to continue practicing and growing, and these are some of my favorite photos so far. Many of these photos have been compressed a lot so that this page can actually load, but I hope that it doesn't affect quality too much and that you enjoy regardless!

A photo of a winding roadway with a tall bush with flowers on one side of it, palm trees on the other side, and a bridge in the background. You can see purple-gray mountains and a light blue sky in the even further background. A photo of an open train door-- the inside is dark and warm colored, with a yellow light streaming in. You can see a bench and a truck passing by through the door. A photo of a train station in a sort of blue and purple light. You can see the speckled light that got filtered through the trees and a train pulling into the station in the distance. A zoomed in photo of a light pink flower with a few light yellow-green leaves. Behind it is a light blue sky. A photo of a playhouse with a gray exterior and sage green accents. The photo has a sort of pink tint, and there's a tree with pink flowers posed outside of it. A candid photo of a white girl with light brown curly hair smiling at the camera. She is dressed in a dark green button up and a yellow flower behind her ear. There are green hills with the same [invasive] yellow flowers covering them behind her. A little cart with two men in it moves down a stone road away from the camera. On the left, a lot of palms burst out from behind a stone wall, and on the right, a big tree branches out over the street. A yellow train pulls into a fairly gray and concrete station from inside a tunnel. Vines creep up one wall of the station, and a bright blue sky is visible behind it all. A gray cat walks toward the camera from around the corner. Most of the photo is in the shadow, with a small triangle of light coming from the corner of the building.
Zebras graze in a large brown, grassy field that elevates slowly into a mountain. Two zebras in the front press their foreheads together. A father pays for his two young daughters, excited behind him, at a juice and smoothie stand that's bright and colorful [mostly blues and oranges]. The head and very top of the neck of a giraffe looking on toward the camera. Behind it is a blue-purple evening sky. The top half of the photo is simply sky. In the bottom half, you can see some wisteria hanging off of an overhang alongside the tops of lots of buildings. A white flower takes up the center of the photo, with little buds, stems, and leaves growing around it. In the background, you can see a eucalyptus tree and a soft periwinkle sky. Three lionesses sit on a grassy hill together. The front ones' muzzle is still stained red from their last meal. She looks to the side, the one behind her looks toward the camera, and the last one just lays down. A lion with warm eyes looks to the camera, hidden slightly behind the leaves and branches of a tree. He takes up most of the frame. A fluffy yellow bird with a black face and very angry eyes perches on the edge of a van. A baboon with no arms walks on its back legs away from the camera. The light is warm on his fur. A family of baboons walks away from the camera-- two adults walking beside one child, and the adult in front carrying a baby on their back. The sun casts a warm light on them and the dirt road below them. A brown and gray feathered ostritch walks past a dirt road, its neck bent into sort of a U shape. One of its legs is in the air, in the middle of a step. A young, still wet brown bird stares down at the concrete with its head tilted and its eyes sort of closed. The image zooms very close in on it, as it is quite far away.