Dogbane Beetle

take a look through my camera.

working with FNB is so fulfilling / may 19, 24

a several-table long assembly line with different pots of food on it and people serving it as part of our food not bombs chapter. i'm in there somewhere!

walking through east LA / may 10, 24

a very, very low urban river. the walls of the riverbed have graffiti all overr them & you can see a bridge and lots of car's lights in the distance. it's dusk, and the sky is a blue-purple-gray.

my favorite piece from a food not bomb friend's solo show. cheated & used his photo because mine was shit quality, but whatever / may 10, 24

a piece titled 'i emanated / into this dream / to delight in the experience / of being devoured / by a sublime apparition' by Tae Lee. it's of a sphinx-human creature holding a rabbit in its mouth with an owl on its back, painted in magentas, turquoises, and some other warm colors.

resin art is sick as fuck / may 4, 24

a rectangular piece of resin art which depicts a cross made out of circuit boards and the painting 'the fall of icarus' surrounding it.

athena graduated her class ! / may 18, 24

a photo of my dog's certificate for graduation of an intermediate training course. you can see her head poking over the certificate in the background, with wavy black & white fur.

a little dog creature piece at the solo show gallery / may 10, 24

a metal sculpture of a very punk skeleton dog (bulldog?).

the silliest shirt [i bought it, of course / may 5, 24

a cropped shirt with a v cut at the bottom. the main body is a very zoomed in image of a bald eagle's face, and the short sleeves are made from lace.

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